Lunch Menu

Monday – Sunday 12pm-2pm
Take advantage of our Lunch Loyalty Card.
Order lunch and for every $12 spent on a meal, you receive a stamp.
When your card is full you receive $12 off your next lunch meal.
Card valid until December 31st 2018.
Takeaway available for all meals at a charge of $1 per container
$12.00  Roast of the Day
$9.00  Hawaiian Pizza & Chips
$9.00  Chicken Nuggets & Chips
$9.00  Battered Flathead & Chips
$10.00 Spaghetti Bolognaise
$6.00  Bowl of Chips with gravy
Little Burgers
All $9.00 and served with Chips
Maple Pulled Pork Burger
Swiss Chicken Burger
Cheese Burger
Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger
Big Burgers
$15.00 Steak Burger or Steak Sandwich
$10.00 Bacon, Egg & Burger or Sandwich
$12.00 BLT
$12.00 Beef Burger
$15.00 Beef Works Burger
$12.00 Maple Pulled Pork Burger
$14.00 Kentucky Burger
$15.00 Chicken,Bacon and Pineapple Burger
$13.00 Chicken Burger
All Wraps $13.00 and served with Chips
Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Chicken & Ranch Dressing Wrap
Pesto Chicken Wrap
Chicken Selection
 All Chicken Items are served with Salad and Chips
$16.00 Chicken Schnitzel
$19.00 Parmigiana Schnitzel
$19.00 Hawaiian Schnitzel
Pub Classics
All Classics are served with Salad and Chips
$17.00 Crumbed Steak
$16.00 Chicken Kiev
$16.00 Seafood Basket
From the Grill
All Grill Items are served with Salad and Chips
 $16.00 150g Fib Fillet
$33.00 300g Rib Fillet
$23.00 250g Rump
$31.00 400g Rump
Gravy, Mushroom, Pepper, Dianne, Béarnaise and Creamy garlic
(Extra Sauce $1)
$15.00 Traditional Caesar Salad
$12.00 Garden Salad
$5.00 Add Chicken or Prawns
$5.00 Ice Cream Sundae
Ask our Staff about our Daily Dessert Specials
For all enquires email: or alternatively phone (07) 4993 1244